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5 Rules for Survival in the "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) Era

BYOD is here to stay for one simple reason: employees don't think that going to work should be a "downgrade" from the tools and devices they use at home to get things done.

Today, a new set of rules apply to the world of BYOD, laying the foundation for employee communications and collaboration across geographical boundaries, time zones and traditional "silos". Moreover, supporting BYOD is merely a starting point for a whole range of services and capabilities that IT departments can support as they nurture new applications that make network reliability, security and performance paramount.

Read this Opus Research paper to understand the new rules for a BYOD environment and the KPIs for measuring the success of that environment. To download the whitepaper, please complete the brief form below. Once the completed form is submitted, you will be given immediate access to a PDF of the whitepaper.

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